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Rajiv Gandhi Government Arts and Commerce College Lormi

Rajiv Gandhi Government Arts and Commerce College Lormi

Rajiv Gandhi Government Arts and Commerce College, Lormi, District- Mungeli is the pioneer institution of higher education in this area, has long been recognized as a premier center of higher learning in Mungeli block. The college strives ceaselessly to emancipate, enlighten and empower Students. Education at Rajiv Gandhi Government Arts and Commerce College, Lormi is a unique amalgam of traditional learning and futuristic vision. 

Being a student at New College is about more than getting qualifications. Make new friends, get involved in fun activities and have a great time!
That’s why we have developed the widest range of enrichment courses in the area – our extras – the Student Council and Tutorial Forum, the Student Union, and a system of student teams.

Our students say they have more freedom at College: they learn to organize their social lives and part-time jobs round their studies; they like being on first-name terms with College staff; they can travel more independently.

It is important for you to take on other things than your main studies that will help you develop as a person, as well as helping with your job or university applications. 

Our Teaching Faculties

Govt College Lormi

Principal's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce Rajiv Gandhi Government Arts and Commerce College, Lormi, District- Mungeli a successful multidisciplinary college established in Mungeli Block, this college is continuously moving ahead on the path of success and is counted as one of the newly fast growing colleges of Chhattisgarh. 

Towards an Excellence through Equity, Access and Quality Education. 

Aspire to translate collective dream of the Community of the region in to reality. Create, disseminate and advance knowledge, through instructional and Inter disciplinary and collaborative researches. Educate and train the Human Resource persons for the devlopment of the State of Chhattisgarh. Advancement of intellectual, academic, cultural and natural resource devlopment for Socio- economic devlopment of the region. Appropriate measures to promote quality education in affiliated colleges. 

To develop innovative and professional instructional programmes to cater the needs of students of the State of Chhattisgarh. To create an ambience for quality teaching-learning and skill development and its upgradation . To support students in developing competency in their respective fields of study to participate in emerging global economic opportunities. To identify the educational, social cultural & industrial needs in the State and plan to create relevent programmes.

Dr. N. K. Dhruve